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We are a Catholic, non-profit organization dedicated to the use of social media to educate, evangelize and (re)engage.


  • Our primary focus has been the development and release of our first product: WeParentMore which is a free mobile app for Catholic parents.  Accessible across devices, including Apple devices, Galaxy devices, and traditional laptops and desktops, this app is a powerful, comprehensive resource providing reliable, faith-based information to care for the body and nourish the soul. Via the “My Parish and School” button on the app, users can search for any parish/school by name, location and language spoken.  The search results for a WeParentMore Parish or School Participant will show a small WeParentMore icon weparentmore flower30x30next to their name.   Clicking this button on the app will open that parish or school's personal section of the app, listing their contact information, upcoming events for families, mass times, prayer intentions, bulletins, school enrollment forms, etc.   

 For more information visit our site WeParentMore or send us an email at

  • We have also developed and released our second product: ePISTLE which facilitates Catholic Diocese, Catholic Schools Superintendents, Catholic parishes and Catholic schools to send periodic e-newsletters to their parishioners and allows individuals to update their free subscriptions.  We commit to facilitate the distribution of electronic letters to today's Catholics.  
    • Catholic Diocese, Catholic Schools Superintendents, Catholic parishes and Catholic schools interested in sending periodic epistles can email us at or complete this signup form: Request to send periodic ePISTLE
    • Individuals interested in receiving periodic epistles from their diocese can complete this signup form: Subscribe to receive ePISTLE. We will process your request.  If your diocese sends periodic epistles, you will be added to the subscription lists. If they do not send periodic epistles, we will notify you and hope that you help us to encourage them to participate.  

For more information visit our site or send us an email at

Helping more children attend Catholic school, proceeds from Appostolic and its subsidiaries go towards scholarships for Catholic education.

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