Become a Participating Parish, School or Diocese

Become a WeParentMore Participant and utilize the latest technology to connect with young Catholics and attract more young members to your parish/school.  When an individual is looking for a parish or school or diocese, he/she will click on the button “My Parish and School” and search by location or name. The search results will appear in a list. The WeParentMore participants will be listed first with a small WeParentMore icon beside their names signifying that these parishes' and schools' links have a wealth of information available. Non-participants will simply be listed by name, address and mass times, thanks to our collaboration with giving WeParentMore access to over 100,000 parishes, worldwide.

If you are a WeParentMore participant, then when an individual selects your enhanced listing he/she will see the equivalent of a mini bulletin dedicated to young families and customized by you.  Your WeParentMore Participant page will contain information that is specific to your parish/school community, including Mass times, parish/school news, calendars, upcoming events, parish registration and school enrollment forms. Additionally, once an individual finds you, he/she can use your WeParentMore Participant page and click on an email link to request information from your parish or school office and ask for information to join the parish, inquire about baptism, request school and/or pre-school information.

WeParentMore Participants may renew their participation annually. If you would prefer to have your annual participation coincide with the school year, now is the time to become a participant! To celebrate our new diocesan partners, we are offering an additional 3 months to all new parishes, schools and dioceses that become participants before May 1, 2014. Therefore, if you become a participant before May 1, 2014, your contract will be renewable at the end of July 2015.


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Become a Participating Diocese of Parishes or Schools

Please email us at to request the details regarding this custom option. Remember to provide us with your phone number. We will happily call you with the specifics of becoming a participating diocese.