Promoting WeParentMore

As a WeParentMore participant, we will train you to log in, add, access and update your participant information.

As a WeParentMore participant, we will also train you to market and promote WeParentMore to your parishioners and surrounding community.

We suggest you identify your key communication tools and use them.  The bulletin is an obvious choice. If your parish/school has a webpage, Facebook, or twitter then be sure you promote WeParentMore there too.

We’ve designed a poster and a bookmark that you can print and post along with the WeParentMore link in your parish bulletin, on a poster in the narthex, in the office, the gathering space, the crying room, at parish events, at the local coffee shop, etc.

Include it in the baptismal packets and the registration packets provided to new families.

We propose that the information be emailed to your parishioners, especially the parents of your religious education program and school.  We have designed a sample of this email which we will email to you shortly after you become a participant.

Remember, current parishioners or young parents looking to join and reconnect with their Catholic parishes can visit from any desktop or mobile device, which will also link them to your parish/school.