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How to Make Potato Salad (in Serving Bowl with Sprinkled Paprika)

One of the most classic American side dishes is Potato Salad. While potato salad is definitely great for barbecues and picnics, the ingredients are such that you can make it all year and this dish goes great with many different meals. Plus you almost always have leftovers, which is my favorite kind of recipe! That's why we've added it to our growing list from our series of Recipes Kids Should Know Before Leaving Home.

Knowing how to make a good, classic potato salad will be a skill you'll be grateful to have. Perfect for potlucks but also home [...]

Thu, Oct 18, 2018
Source: Alpha Mom
3D Pineapple Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial (supplies) by Brenda Ponnay for

Do you have SpongeBob SquarePants fans at home? Do you have the ear worm “Who lives in a pineapple under-the-sea” playing in your head? We're SpongBob fans and decided to make a a Pineapple Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween. That's something new we haven't seen before.

Supplies to make a Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern a tall skinny pumpkin (the more pineapple-shaped the better) de-seeded a small spiky plant or succulent (real or fake, or even green tissue paper could work) a rounded carving tool marker pen a drill (optional) battery operated tea or fairy lights How to make a Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

Step 1: First draw your criss-cross lines [...]

Tue, Oct 16, 2018
Source: Alpha Mom
Helping Children Say Goodbye to the Family Pet by Mihow for #FamilyPet

(Editor's Note: please be aware that this post is a personal account of saying goodbye to a longtime family pet because of illness. Whereas we have used our best judgment to be sensitive it contains stories and pictures that may be difficult for some to read and see.)

We probably shouldn't have stopped by the shelter that day especially since I am and always will be a crazy cat lady. But they had a kitten room and I couldn't say no to a kitten room. In the kitten room, kittens literally crawl all over you. If you ask me what [...]

Mon, Oct 15, 2018
Source: Alpha Mom
3D Octopus Jack o' Lantern Carving Tutorial for Halloween by Brenda Ponnay for

First, we brought you Snaily the 3D snail jack-o'-lantern so now we're back with Octo-pumpkin, our 3D octopus jack o' lantern. So easy, so fun!

Supplies needed to make a 3D Octopus Jack O' Lantern 2 large pumpkins (cleaned of seeds) 2 ping pong balls a carving tool (knife or blade) battery-lit candle long skewers permanent marker How to make a 3D Octopus Jack O' Lantern

Step 1: One pumpkin you'll carve as the head which is pretty much just cutting two holes for eyes just slightly smaller than your ping pong balls so they can squeeze in snugly. I would cut them lower than a [...]

Tue, Oct 09, 2018
Source: Alpha Mom

Dear Amalah,

I have an almost 4-year-old son that won't go to bed at night. Up until a couple of weeks ago, he would go to bed consistently every night with no trouble. We have a good bedtime routine in place that has always worked well for us. Then, suddenly, a few weeks ago, he started fighting it. The trouble doesn't always happen at the same stage of the routine. Sometimes, he won't brush his teeth. Sometimes, he won't put on pajamas. Sometimes, he goes through the entire routine but then refuses to actually get in bed. When [...]

Mon, Oct 08, 2018
Source: Alpha Mom

Catholic Icing

"The icing on your Catholic cake! - Info & Crafts for Kids"

If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate All Saint's Day with your Catholic kids, you have come to the right place! Check out all of my All Saints' Day resources for families here. To make this adorable All Saint's Day pumpkin (that requires no, I repeat NO artistic skill) read on, my friend.

Here's a video explaining how to make the Saint-O-Lantern. It's the same info that's in this blog post, so devour it either way. Be sure to subscribe to Catholic Icing's YouTube Channel to see my newest Catholic craft videos!

Materials [...]

Thu, Oct 04, 2018
Source: Catholic Icing

If you're looking for ways to observe Lent with your kids this year, you've come to the right place! Browse all my Lenten resources for families by subject below. Click on the link for full directions or printables. Be sure to save this link- I update this post every time I come out with new Lenten resources for kids.

Click here to download my printable Lenten calendar- FREE!

Print my Lenten Countdown Calendar!

Lenten Planning Pages– an 18 page pack to help you lay out your Lenten and Easter plans for a smooth journey [...]

Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Source: Catholic Icing
Add to Cart

I made a printable book that tells the story of Holy Week for children. The story is adapted from the book of Matthew, and the story is illustrated by your child and his or her handprints.

Each handprint picture is designed to be loads of fun, and easy to replicate! Even the youngest of children can participate in a handprint craft, and the craft also becomes a keepsake to be treasured. Imagine pulling this book out for years to come to read it to your children and grandchildren, saying things like “look how small your mommy's hand used to be!”

Each [...]

Thu, Mar 03, 2016
Source: Catholic Icing

You can see all of my Lenten Posts by clicking here, or browse the links below.

Print my Lenten Countdown Calendar!

See all the Ash Wednesday Posts Here.

Preparing for Lent With Children– are you ready?

Bury the Alleluia

Pretzels for Lent

Sacrifice ideas for kids

The Lent Song for Kids

Counting Down the Days of Lent:

Print this Lenten Countdown calendar– this is by far the most popular Catholic Icing post of all time!

Make a crown of thorns

Easy Crown of thorns craft

Giving Alms– a coin every day!

Check out all the Lenten [...]

Thu, Jan 28, 2016
Source: Catholic Icing
Honoring Mary in May with kids

Here's my post from a few years ago about honoring Mary in May. I have links to all of my May Crowning resources at the bottom of this post. I hope your family is blessed with some ideas.

Since the month of May is dedicated to Mary, it's a great time to honor her with your little ones!

Some years, our family has a May crowning or makes a May altar for Mary.

This year, our family… moved across 3 states, had a case of the shingles, completed a police academy, delivered a baby 12 minutes [...]

Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Source: Catholic Icing

Carrots for Michaelmas

Carrots for Michaelmas: "My little spot of the web to discuss faith, motherhood, literature..."
Do Y

One of the worst things about modern life is the push to live at high speed. Most of us are rushing around trying to keep our heads above water. Not only do we not have time for self-care, we don't have time to even figure out what we would do for self-care if we did!

I think “self-care” is a tricky phrase. It can be interpreted as selfishness or putting our own needs before the needs of those we love. But I think practicing self-care is crucial if we adhere to a certain definition: doing things that remind us that [...]

Thu, Oct 18, 2018
Source: Carrots for Michaelmas
St. Oscar Romero

Blessed Oscar Romero, a Salvadorian archbishop, is going to be canonized tomorrow on October 14th!

I didn't know a whole lot about him until my husband spent time in El Salvador last summer visiting a small Catholic agricultural community. During his trip he got to see several sites connected to soon-to-be Saint Oscar Romero and was deeply moved by his witness to the Gospel through his defense of the poor.

Romero was martyred while performing Mass due to his courageous and outspoken critique of a corrupt government that upheld a system of near slavery. While much of the Salvadorian church hierarchy was [...]

Sat, Oct 13, 2018
Source: Carrots for Michaelmas

Welcome back to Good Music Monday at Carrots! I put together some songs that seemed autumnal to me. It's still hot here in central TX but my weather app tells me that things are JUST about to change. We're about to get some cooler temps starting tomorrow!

When I post the last Good Music Monday I had just dyed my hair purple. And as I shared with my newsletter subscribers on Friday….now it's PINK. Ta da!

Lately I've been listening to a mix of more upbeat songs (some of which I found in the To All the Boys I've [...]

Mon, Oct 08, 2018
Source: Carrots for Michaelmas

Hi, friends. It's been pretty quiet on the blog this month for a number of reasons and I'll be sharing more about that at some point. But I really wanted to jump in with an announcement that the virtual book tour for The Grace of Enough starts TODAY!

I'd love to do an in person book tour at some point but with a new baby, this fall doesn't seem like an ideal time. So we're doing the next best thing. Some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters are hosting a book tour for my new book and I'd love for you [...]

Mon, Oct 01, 2018
Source: Carrots for Michaelmas
Spanish Tapas, Eggplant Spread, and Potatoes Aioli // Carrots for Michaelmas

I'm always trying to figure out how to make it easier for families to observe the Christian Year because we felt so overwhelmed when we first started that journey (which is why we wrote the book we wish we had then). I thought it might be helpful for our family to have resources compiled for the month ahead so that we can plan in advance which special saints days we want to observe and I hope having them all in one place is helpful to you, too!

And I pinned all of the following resources on an [...]

Mon, Oct 01, 2018
Source: Carrots for Michaelmas

Catholic Mom

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"The Gist"

Courtesy of Used with permission. All rights reserved.

CatholicTV Network's series for Catholic women, The Gist, airs every Tuesday morning at 11 AM Eastern. Tune in to CatholicTV to see this show focusing on Catholic women and their families.

Each week, Catholic personalities Danielle Bean, Rachel Balducci and Carolee McGrath host The Gist. They discuss topics such as abortion, raising teens in the faith and confession.

In this episode, the hosts discuss the music with Audrey Assad, Catholic musician and speaker, and Stephanie Scogna, Catholic singer and voice teacher and co-host of [...]

Sat, Oct 20, 2018
Source: Catholic Mom

Today's Gospel: Luke 12:8-12

I am struck by the words at the end of this gospel passage, when Jesus tells His disciples not to worry about how or what their defense will be, or what they are to say. He boldly tells me, “For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you should say.”

How many times in our lives do we find ourselves worrying and over-planning, and yet the invitation in this gospel is to realize that the Holy Spirit is with us?

Let us pause and remember the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we [...]

Sat, Oct 20, 2018
Source: Catholic Mom

When I was asked to review The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, I had no idea what I could possibly say about yet another version of Sacred Scripture. However, Ascension press managed to surprise me from the moment I received my copy. I had to laugh as I worked my through the weatherproof outer layer, not one but two boxes, and bubble wrap before I could lift the lid off a third box, a protective dust cover. Ascension Press ships this Revised Standard Version/Second Catholic Edition as if it is a precious gem, as they should.

I immediately fell [...]

Fri, Oct 19, 2018
Source: Catholic Mom
"Mom hacks on the Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion" by Emily Jaminet (

Copyright 2018 Emily Jaminet. All rights reserved.

The Great Apostle of the Sacred Heart was a young nun who by the Grace of God received apparitions of Christ. She was able to deliver a message that ushered in a new era of grace through the promises of the Sacred Heart. These promises are not only for the people of the late seventh century but are just as relevant for the people of today! Here are some “Mom Hacks” that you'll want to know about while trying to live out this powerful devotion to the Sacred Heart!

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque: [...]

Fri, Oct 19, 2018
Source: Catholic Mom
"The Traveling Catholic: Exploring California" by Jen Frost (

This article is the second in a photo journal travel series by Jen Frost. She and her family are on a one-year trip across the United States as they reconnect as a family, experience the natural wonders in the world God created, and see Catholicism – in all its uniqueness and beauty – across the country. This is their journey.

Copyright 2018 Jen Frost. All rights reserved.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” [...]

Fri, Oct 19, 2018
Source: Catholic Mom


Catholic Dads

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Manual for Spiritual Warfare
Paul Thigpen
Tan Books
ISBN 9781618906533

Like it or not, you are at war.

This book is excellent. To be honest I had no idea where to begin with writing a review. So I went back to the book and copied my highlighted texts from the introduction and first chapter to give you a taste. To begin with we have: “First, belief in Satan's existence and activity is today widely dismissed as an outdated superstition. As a result, most Catholics hear very little about him, leaving them unprepared to understand and defeat him. They need to [...]

Tue, Feb 24, 2015
Source: Catholic Dads

It's a new year, gentlemen. So what does that mean for us? Maybe you are on this site because you feel that itch. Something telling you that you can be better. Something deep inside of you wanting to be better. I found this website about a year ago in the same position. I didn't like where I was as a husband, a father, or a child of the Most High God. I resolved to change how I approached everything in life to position myself to be what God created me to be. I am still not there but I must [...]

Sat, Jan 03, 2015
Source: Catholic Dads
Freeing Tanner Rose Faith and Kung Fu Book 1 T.M. Gaouette Createspace ISBN 9781494305062 This is the second novel I have read by T.M. Gaouette and I have enjoyed both immensely. However the pace and intensity in this story was gripping. I barely put the book down and read it in two extended settings. When I finished this novel, I was really wishing for more. It was only when I went to do some research for the review that I discovered it is the first in a series called Faith & Kung Fu. This story was a very intense read. From [...]
Mon, Dec 29, 2014
Source: Catholic Dads

As Christians we must always speak the truth in justice but treat one another with mercy.

In today's climate, many tell others not to judge. Often what they mean is “leave me alone” or, “leave him/her alone.” Sometimes people use it as a reason to not speak, after all, “who am I to judge.” For too many it is an excuse. What they really mean is that “I am so glad I don't have to say anything.” Used in these ways, it is a way to let everyone stay comfortable. It is also used in political and social contexts [...]

Thu, Nov 06, 2014
Source: Catholic Dads

I subscribe to a lot of different email lists that I find can be a positive influence in my life. Most of them are faith-based and some are health-based. One of the lists I subscribe to is by a health and fitness guy who is also a Christian, Shaun Hadsall. I read one this morning that got me thinking. I have an evil twin. Do you?

There are two distinct versions of me. When I was younger, I would frequently party, drink, engage in behavior and act in a manner that was doing nothing good for me. I was an [...]

Tue, Oct 07, 2014
Source: Catholic Dads

Doctor's Notes

Catholic Pediatrics

Catholic Pediatrics "We support a faith-centered approach toward pediatric care. We believe it is futile to heal the body and not the soul."

Search for a Catholic Pediatrician

Dr. Sears

Unidentified food sensitivities or reflux? Determining the reasons for a colicky baby. Question: Is reflux a real thing or is it unidentifiable food sensitivities? My babe had horrible reflux and I did eliminate diet and now she's great!

Answer: Back in 1992, with the first edition of The Baby Book, we clarified what was called at that time “colic confusion”. There was even a saying: “Colic is a five-letter word meaning the doctor doesn't know why my baby hurts.” Instead of the label “colicky baby,” we called it “the hurting baby,” which motivates the parents and the doctor to keep [...]

Mon, Oct 15, 2018
Source: Ask Dr. Sears
How do I help my very attached toddler be more independent?

Q: How do you get a very attached toddler to be less clingy? He is almost 2 and the youngest of four and I still find it hard to homeschool, cook, or clean because he is so demanding of my attention (i.e. throws tantrums, cries or whines for me, tugs my clothes or hugs my legs). He doesn't behave this way if he is with his dad and I'm not around.

A: Hi, Hayden Sears here. When I think back five years to when my youngest was two I could've written [...]

Mon, Oct 08, 2018
Source: Ask Dr. Sears
Do You Recommend Circumcision for a Newborn Baby?

Q: Hello Dr., I want to ask you if you recommend doing the circumcision for a newborn baby?

A: Since there is seldom a medical reason for circumcising a baby, we leave the decision completely up to the parents. Once upon a time, circumcision was considered routine for many newborns, depending on a family's norm or religious belief. In the past 50 years, more and more parents are asking why they should circumcise their babies if there is no medical reason.

Guidelines For Circumcisions

If you do decide to have your baby circumcised, here are a [...]

Mon, Sep 24, 2018
Source: Ask Dr. Sears
Tips for Gas Relief for Baby

Question: Hi Dr. Sears and Martha! I have a question about gas relief! I have a 9-week-old boy who is happy but often cries inconsolably from gas. He is exclusively breastfeeding (EBF) and I have tried limiting my diet and using gripe water but at this point, I'm just waiting this out. My first son was a MAJOR high needs baby, so I'm used to extended periods of crying, but I just feel like he is hurting badly and I want him to get some relief! Nighttime is the worst. Any help would be greatly [...]

Mon, Sep 17, 2018
Source: Ask Dr. Sears
Why Movement and Exercise is Important for Your Health

You have probably heard it a thousand times from your doctor, “movement is important for your health,” but have you ever really understood why? In our T5 (short for Transform 5) Wellness Plan, Dr. Bill explains his “ah ha” moment when he realized that we all have an internal pharmacy within the lining our blood vessels that release the medicines our bodies need when we move and avoid unhealthy foods. Your body can make five main types of medicines which:

Lower your “highs”: blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol Elevate your “lows”: [...]
Thu, Sep 13, 2018
Source: Ask Dr. Sears

New Evangelizers

New Evangelizers

Pope Paul VI was just canonized a saint.

Our reflections on Humanae Vitae have been building to its ultimate purpose, the one to which Pope St. Paul VI has been directing us. Almost all of the ink spilled on this document has focused on its negative commands. In other words, Humanae Vitae is remembered primarily as the Church's most important “no” statement to the question of contraception.

And to be sure that has been a strong focus of this series. To be a true Christian to often to stand in defiance to the world and to say [...]

Mon, Oct 15, 2018
Source: New Evangelizers

Tertium non datur. That's the law of the excluded middle. It is used in philosophy, especially logic, but there is a lot of other “middle” that we can exclude besides philosophy. In my last post, There is a Third Way, I suggested going up the middle in our social lives, our fellowship, but that does not mean there is always a middle road.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction… the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life…” (Mt 7:13-14 RSV) Jesus speaks [...]

Fri, Oct 12, 2018
Source: New Evangelizers

A Christian is called to speak the truth in love. [Ephesians 4:15] This means to be faithful to both truth and love at the same time. But it can be challenging in difficult situations, where truth and love seem to be opposed.

In such a situation, it's typically quite clear that objective right and wrong is a matter of truth: wrong things are really wrong, right things are really right, and the rightness or wrongness of things doesn't change even when a situation is difficult. It's also clear that the difficulty of the situation calls for love: someone trapped in [...]

Wed, Oct 10, 2018
Source: New Evangelizers

I have a great prayer intention. Before I offer it up, I check out every angle as if I'm purchasing a used car. The tires are sound, because this prayer is absolutely not about me. In fact, it's the most selfless prayer I've ever uttered. It will get great mileage. If answered, this prayer will bring many people happiness—joy—relief—conversion. What's not to love about this intention?

But there's a catch. I've forgotten to look under the hood and ask, “But is it God's will?”

There are atheists and anti-Christians who would leap on that question. Aha! If it's a [...]

Fri, Oct 05, 2018
Source: New Evangelizers

In Stirring Slumbering Souls, Michael Seagriff invites us to ponder 250 Eucharistic reflections and recognize two distinct voices, “the prophet calling Israel back to fidelity” and “the sweet Mother inviting us to trust in her Son.”

A good many of the reflections appeal to obedience to God's love for us and his desire for us to come to him in gratitude as beneficiaries of his forgiveness, mercy, and love. “We just have to love God enough to gift our time to Him.” As Michael so simply put it.

The author's intent for collection the reflections and his desire for us is that [...]

Mon, Oct 01, 2018
Source: New Evangelizers

Brandon Vogt

Brandon Vogt - blogging, writing, speaking

Leila Miller and Trent Horn are two of my favorite people. They're both smart, joyful, winsome, and faithful. Leila is a Catholic blogger and mother of eight children, and Trent is a staff apologist at Catholic Answers, where he writes books and engages skeptics on the radio.

Together they've written a new book titled Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today's Tough Moral Issues, which was just published by Catholic Answers.

I've not only read and enjoyed it, but I ordered an entire case of books to pass out to friends and family. It's that good.

(You [...]

Tue, Oct 09, 2018
Source: Brandon Vogt

Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was commissioned after the pivotal Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571, a key turning point in the history of the world. Muslim forces were threatening to attack both Venice and Rome, which would likely have led to the collapse of Christian Europe. If the Islamic forces had won (and most people thought they would) our world today would likely be majority Muslim.

But Pope Pius V called all the faithful to pray the Rosary—including the fighters—and through the intercession of Our Lady, a miraculous turn of [...]

Sun, Oct 07, 2018
Source: Brandon Vogt

Today, Catholics are celebrating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when at the end of her life she was assumed body and soul into Heaven.

Which makes it the perfect time to share this fun discussion I had with Julian Ahlquist, founding faculty member of Chesterton Academy, about Mary Poppins and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Julian makes a strong case that Mary Poppins represents the Mother of God, and one of his reasons is because both Marys experience an assumption (see the end of the Mary Poppins film.)

Julian and I walked through the entire Mary Poppins narrative, noting other [...]

Wed, Aug 15, 2018
Source: Brandon Vogt

A couple exciting items about my new book, Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too).

First, the book recently earned a 1st Place Award from the Catholic Press Association for being this year's best “Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith.” So exciting!

Second, I was recently interviewed about the book by Angelus News, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The reporter sent me several questions via email but, due to space, was only able to quote a few lines for the final piece.

I asked if I could just share the full interview here on [...]

Wed, Jul 18, 2018
Source: Brandon Vogt

I wanted to tell you about a super fun conference I'm helping to host down here in Orlando this summer….and I really hope you can attend!

It's the 37th Annual G.K. Chesterton Conference.

The theme is “The Test of the Imagination” and it will take place from August 2-4, 2018 at the DoubleTree Orlando Airport hotel.

I'm pretty familiar with Catholic conferences. I travel the country every year, speaking at several and attending many more.

So trust me when I say this: this annual Chesterton conference is the BEST Catholic conference I go to each year.

Whether you've never read Chesterton, or love [...]

Mon, May 14, 2018
Source: Brandon Vogt

The Catholics Next Door

"Living Out Our Catholic Faith in Today's World"

Interesting Independent Articles

Make Prayer a Practice

As enthusiastically as we accept a close friend's invitation to a backyard picnic, we need to model to our children to accept God's invitation to share yourself with him in prayer. God is with you always and everywhere and you can most certainly model and pray whenever and wherever you want! If you pray daily together, you will build the practice of daily prayer for yourself and set that example for your child.

How do you build this practice? We build practices simply by doing something over and over again...until they become second nature. (The regularity is more important than the length!) Prayer is not a chore to complete, but rather a gift. Remind yourself that this is actually good for you, like a plant that needs sunshine and water, you need spiritual enrichment. Designating a special time and place is helpful. Make a sacred space in your home, a little oasis. Have your children help to decorate it by including their own pictures and notes to God, a Bible, a flower in a vase, a candle, a crucifix, your rosary, etc. Remove the pressure of trying to "impress" God with the "right words". You don't have to prove yourself to God. Just be present...let God do the work! Make sure every special occasion includes family prayer...birthdays, family meals, the loss of a pet, the birth of a baby, an illness, both joyful and sad. Say grace before meals...even in restaurants.

Children learn from their parents. One of the best things we can teach is the practice of daily prayer. The family is the first and most important "teacher"...where children not only learn to pray, but to worship God, to love, to forgive, and to work together.

-- Mrs. Sandy Robertson
Principal Mother Teresa Catholic Academy
The Diocese of Joliet
Crete, Illinois 


Dear Parents With Young Children in Church

Jamie Bruesehoff 

Blogger, 'I Am Totally *That* Mom'

Posted: 09/14/2013 10:03 am

You are doing something really, really important. I know it's not easy. I see you with your arms overflowing, and I know you came to church already tired. Parenting is tiring. Really tiring.

I watch you bounce and sway trying to keep the baby quiet, juggling the infant car seat and the diaper bag as you find a seat. I see you wince as your child cries. I see you anxiously pull things out of your bag of tricks to try to quiet them.

And I see you with your toddler and your preschooler. I watch you cringe when your little girl asks an innocent question in a voice that might not be an inside voice let alone a church whisper. I hear the exasperation in your voice as you beg your child to just sit, to be quiet as you feel everyone's eyes on you. Not everyone is looking, but I know it feels that way...(read more)


When satan steals your motherhood

  Christie Elkins  Blogger, 'Letters from the Nest'

It is there, and it creeps up like a silent killer. Maybe it is the wet underwear that you found floating in the hallway bathroom. Or the cat food that has been flung out on the floor like tiny marbles waiting to trip up a passerby. Or the loud thumping and yelling and tantruming as if we live in some sort of primal age where roaring and beating your chest were the only way to get other’s attention.

And all of that madness and anger? It wasn’t the kids. It was me.  The mother. The one who left a pair of Superman undies in a bathroom we rarely use for days, fed the cat without my glasses after someone else forgot, and the loud, obnoxious, downright scary human being I can be when I have just had more than I can handle...(read more)

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