Sample Parish Information

As a WeParentMore Parish Participant, your parish can make very relevant, timely information available for families on its custom page. When individuals search for specific parishes and schools via the My Parish and School button, the below information (provided and updated by each WeParentMore Parish Participant) will be displayed on each WeParentMore Parish Participant's custom page.

General Information Your custom page will display the following general information (provided by you) about your parish: name, diocese, address, phone number, website, and email. It will also display the names of your pastor and associate pastors, the number of parishioners in your parish, and it will note if you're parish has a school.

About Your Parish This is a place for information about your parish.   Give an overview of the parish— what you would want someone to know that might be new to your community.

About Your School Pre K choices will come quickly for young parents.  Your school needs to be the obvious choice.  If you don’t have a school, promote your Religious Education program.  If you have a school, always include school information.  You want these young parents to begin to feel connected to your parish school.  List things like the book sale, spelling bee, May Crowning and events that will help them imagine your school as a place where their child will be educated, cherished, challenged and engaged.  Be sure they know that they are welcome to attend these school events.  Help these young parents to see their child in your care.

Religious Education Include basic program information for religious education. Be sure to include grades served, especially any programs that you have for toddlers & preschoolers. Include a contact name and phone number.

Mission/Vision Include: *parish mission or vision statement *big initiatives (your jubilee year…)

Calendar of Events Take a look at what’s coming up at your parish and imagine the key events that would be of interest to young parents. Include events like Mother’s Day Out, Breakfast with Santa, Women’s Bible Study, Men’s Basketball League, etc. The key is new information. So, this will change weekly. You want people to keep coming back, so you need to give them a reason to do so. Your calendar has to be up to date, with timely, relevant information. Remember young parents are using this site. Take a look at what’s coming up at your parish and imagine the key events that would be of interest to just this audience. The key will be to filter and streamline information to a target audience. So the ministry that crochet’s blankets for hospice care is an important group . . .but not necessarily to a 27 year old woman who just had a baby. (When we develop a site for senior citizens, you can list it there.)

Bulletin Board While the calendar is a listing of events, the bulletin board is a place to include more details about an event or activity.  Some parishes take photos of new families in the parish and post pics in the church bulletin. Post pics here too.  Looking for volunteers for a project?  Post it here.   Reception for a new pastor?  Post it here.  Announcements?  Post it here.  Mens’ Club Golf outing?  Post it here. To add an image, you will need the image's URL. You can include multiple images, they will appear as a slideshow on the page.

Images of Parish To add an image, you will need the image's URL. You can include multiple images, they will appear as a slideshow on the page.

Mass Times List your parish's mass times.

Notes about Masses It would be helpful to include information such as: *Sunday Mass at 5pm with Children's Choir. *Crying Room available.

Our Sponsors Just like the back of your printed bulletin, our site has a section for sponsors to help offset the cost of the site and create a little revenue stream for you.  The rates and terms of the sponsor ads are yours to set.  You can find one sponsor or several.  Once your sponsor knows that they will be in front of this key demographic, you may find sponsors that haven’t participated in your bulletin.  Do you have a pediatric dentist in the community?  Local Catholic hospital?  Children’s bookstore?  Toy store?  Business owners who have products and services targeted at children and families will see this as a valuable place to have a presence, give them the opportunity to sponsor your custom page on our site. A single sponsor on this page could offset the cost to be a WeParentMore Parish Participant.