Why Participate?

We have created this powerpoint presentation for you: Promote WPM to parishes and schools.pptx or you can read the below details.

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Benefits to the Parish & School

WeParentMore is an affordable tool to help you connect with Catholics, especially 18-34 year old young parents (and parents to be).  We have high hopes for the use of WeParentMore in your parish, school and/or diocese to engage young parents and help them realize the important role a vibrant faith community plays in the rearing of their children.

About Young Catholics 80% of the 18-34 year olds who are known as the millennial generation has a Smartphone, so why not reach out to them utilizing this technology?  WeParentMore provides a section dedicated to your parish/school information. You can put critical information, relative to young Catholics, in their hands (literally).

Some young Catholics are already parishioners and are actively involved in your parish.  WeParentMore is an additional way for them to stay connected.  As you know, there are many lapsed Catholics out there, especially within the millennial generation.  For young Catholic parents, the arrival of a child has them looking at life in a whole new way.  Their lives have changed; and although they may not realize it, they need you. They need you to welcome and embrace them into your parish community. They need you to encourage them to attend mass and say their prayers, especially giving thanks for the blessings of their baby. They need you to celebrate and baptize their baby. But if it’s been a while since they have been to mass, they may hesitate, unsure about how to connect.

(Re) Engage Catholics We believe it is best to utilize the latest technology to connect with your young parishioners and attract them to your parish.  Our site can be the first step for Catholics to (re)engage with the Catholic faith. Use WeParentMore to share information that is specific to your parish/school community and its young members.  For example: share Mass times, Parenting groups, Special events, Parish registration and School enrollment forms.  Within WeParentMore, each participating parish and school has a personal set of pages to give news, calendars, school information, upcoming events . . .think of it as a mini-online bulletin dedicated to young families.

When an individual is looking for a parish or school or diocese, he/she will click on the button “My Parish and School” and search by location or name. The search results will appear in a list. The WeParentMore participants will be listed first with a small WeParentMore icon weparentmore flower beside their names letting the individual know that those parishes and schools have a wealth of information available. The other parishes and schools will simply be listed by name, address and mass times, thanks to collaboration with masstimes.org, giving WeParentMore access over 100,000 parishes, worldwide. If you are a WeParentMore participant, then when an individual selects your enhanced listing he/she will see the equivalent of a mini bulletin.  And once he/she finds you, he/she can use WeParentMore to request information from your parish or school office via an email link where he/she can ask for information to join the parish, inquire about baptism, request school and pre-school information.

The Long Term Benefits Helping more children go to Catholic school, proceeds from WeParentMore go towards scholarships for Catholic education.

Promoting WeParentMore Once you become a WeParentMore participant, we will train you to upload your information and to market and promote WeParentMore to your parishioners and surrounding community.  We’ve designed a poster and bookmark that you can print and post along with the WeParentMore link in your parish bulletin, on a poster in the narthex, the office, the gathering space, the crying room, parish events, at the local coffee shop, etc.  We will provide you with information that can be emailed to your young parishioners, the parents of your religious education program/school.  It can be included in the registration packets provided to new families and in the baptismal packets.  Essentially, identify your key communication tools and use them.  The bulletin is an obvious choice. If your parish/school has a webpage, Facebook, or twitter then be sure you promote WeParentMore there too.  Current parishioners or young parents looking to join and reconnect with their Catholic parish can visit www.weparentmore.org from any desktop or mobile device, which will also link them to your parish/school.

Your Parish/School’s Sponsors Additionally, to help you offset the cost, there’s a space on your WeParentMore participant page for parish advertisers/sponsors.  Just like the back page of your bulletin.  Seeking advertisers for your page will let you reach out to businesses in your community that want to connect with young parents.  Their role as advertisers should more than offset the cost of being a WeParentMore participant and help young families in your parish/school connect with the local business that have the products and services they need.

Google Analytics We can provide you with a wealth of information about what your parishioners are looking for on our site.  We can tell you what pages they visit, how often they visit, and where they spend their time.  You may want to know that most of your 18-34  year olds are logging on to the e-retreats . . . .that may help you develop some programming at the parish.  Or maybe they’re all logging on to the catechetical pages, trying to learn (or relearn) about the basics of their faith.  We can help you understand what this group of parishioners want and how WeParentMore is helping to meet that need.