Why use this site?

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WPM promo to young parents

If it has been a while since you’ve been to mass, you may be unsure about how to reconnect with your faith; we have created this App to be your first step toward reconnecting.  WeParentMore is here to become that “have to have” resource you turn to on a daily basis to answer your questions, link you to Catholic resources, and keep you engaged in faith.  

WeParentMore is a free mobile app for Catholics.  We have designed this app with young parents in mind to help you (re)engage with our Catholic faith.  We know it is time to do more to engage young parents.  WeParentMore reaches out to you via your mobile devices; a medium that is most familiar to you. We provide reliable, faith-based information to care for the body and nourish the soulWeParentMore also offers inspirational content, guidance to build a solid foundation for success, a way to (re)connect with the local parish, and educational entertainment for their little ones. 

If you’ve just had a baby or are about to have a child, you know this is a turning point in your life.  At this time in your life, everything takes on greater meaning, priorities get rearranged and you’ve entered a new chapter.  At this transformational time in your life and the lives of their children, it is especially important to (re) engage with the Church.  WeParentMore is here to help you with all the big decisions.  We offer the best resources to help with day to day parenting concerns: child’s developmental stages, lack of sleep, thumb sucking, bed time stories, nutrition.    

We encourage you to look for a local parish/school by clicking on the button “My Parish and School”.  From there you can search by keyword within 100 miles of any location or search by keyword and language spoken at Mass.  The search results will appear in a list, displaying both WeParentMore participants and non-participants.  Non-participants will simply be listed by name, address and mass times, thanks to our collaboration with masstimes.org which gives WeParentMore access to over 100,000 parishes, worldwide.  Participants will be listed with a small WeParentMore icon weparentmore flower beside their names signifying that these parishes and schools have a wealth of information available dedicated to young families like you.  Each WeParentMore Participant page will contain information that is specific to that parish/school community, including Mass times, parish/school news, calendars, upcoming events, parish registration and school enrollment forms.  Once you find a participating parish/school, you can use our site to request information from their office.  You can request information to join the parish, inquire about baptism, request school and pre-school information.

All the information has been selected by a group of Catholic priests and experts in theology.  The resources we have identified for this app are nationally and internationally recognized.  The dogma has been carefully vetted, the content is strong, the message is clear and the ability to (re)connect with the Church is our goal.

Developed by APPostolic, a Catholic, non-profit organization, WeParentMore delivers the tools you need, in your hands when you need them, the way you want them (thanks to mobile devices).  To access our app, simply visit our site - www.weparentmore.org from any tablet or mobile device.  We will soon be available via the Apple App Store and Google Play.